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As a local owner who has been helping households EAT BETTER FOR LESS for over 20 years, I'm extremely proud of EZPZ Grocery and our mission to provide the finest quality beef, chicken, pork, and fish. We are unlike the grocery stores that change their prices week to week, our prices are LOCKED IN! No shrinkflation here, just value. That's the EZPZ way to eat better for less! Yours truly, Dan Taite



Fully aged beef, air-chilled chicken, wild-caught fish & pastured pork

  • CFIA inspected, hormone & antibiotic free ethically raised products
  • Flash frozen & vacuum sealed in family size packaging avoids waste & protects your hard-earned grocery dollars
  • FREE and fast home delivery on any order of $250 or more
  • NO contracts to sign, NO automatic renewals
  • 25 quick & easy beef pork chicken & fish recipes, just ask!

Personalized service, you can speak to a specialist anytime at 613-804-9165 or email ezpzgrocery@gmail.com

  • Free & Safe Delivery

    Ottawa-Gatineau area

  • Helpline


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