Shrimp - 12 Shrimp Skewers (5 large shrimp per skewer)


12 skewers, with 5 large uncooked shrimp per skewer. Great on the BBQ or cooked in the oven. 

Cooking Instructions:

*Ensure product is thoroughly heated to 165 degrees before serving*

Conventional Oven

Season skewers as desired. Bake at 350 degrees for 5-6 minutes, or until shrimp are white (opaque)


Season skewers as desired. Grill over high heat, 1-1.5 minutes each side, or until shrimp are white (opaque)


Nutritional value

Shrimp is a unique source of the carotenoid astaxanthin. It's also an excellent source of selenium and vitamin B12. Shrimp is very low in calories and provides a high amount of protein and healthy fats.

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